Written by Peggy Melton, Pennylane Collies


Learn about Dermatomyositis and the story of Alfenloch Pennylane Hero

Eye Problems in Collies

Seizure Disorder in Dogs

General Hip Dysplasia

Breeder Guidelines for Hip Dysplasia

Multidrug Sensitivity (e.g. ivermectin)

If you own a Collie, or are planning to add a Collie to your family. Go to this web site and print it for your dog's medical records. Every vet should have a copy in every Collie's chart. It affects which anesthesia is safe, as well as heartworm preventative and multiple other drugs.

Make sure your dogs will be all that you want them to be. It begins when you plan your next litter on paper. Remember that it's not all about the looks. You have to know about the health issues in the breed and in the individual lines. If you don't know, don't do the breeding until you can find out.

OFA is now allowing GCS information to be added to their data base. You need to be aware that many of today's greats are carriers of Gray Collie Syndrome. Be sure to ask about your breeding selections to see if they have tested, or look through the data base to see if the breeding dog you want is listed. If the dogs that you would like to use are not there, ask them to test and put the dog's name there for all to see. It's the only way to move forward with this.

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