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This page features our current dogs still active in our breeding program. For photos and information on our retired champions no longer standing at stud here, please see the Photo Gallery. To find our dogs that have passed away, go to our "Pennylane Past" page. It's worth a look.

At this time, we have two young males for breeding.


Pennylane's Pumped Up Kicks, Frankie, is a really well-built, white-factored blue rough. He is compact and very heavy coated. Frankie is the father of our new litter. You can see their pictures on the Available puppy page. Frankie is now just over two years old. Here are some pictures of him at a puppy and at two.


The second male is Frankie's brother Sam. Sam's formal name is Pennylane Everyone Knows Your Name. He is a large, white-factored mahogany sable. don't have any recent pictures of Sam, but here are some puppy pictures of him.


The sire of these boys is (George) GrCH Fox Trails A Touch of Color By JJaed.

This is a picture of George.