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When shopping for your next family addition, or your first show dog, please keep in mind that not all breeders are equal. These are Collies, not cattle, and should not be kept in multitudes where attention is limited. Before you chose a breeder to furnish you with your new companion, or your next champion, please read this article Where To Look For Your Next Puppy

Page updated December 6, 2017.

Here is the pedigree to these puppes PEDIGREE

We have a new litter of puppies born on November 7, 2017 that will soon be available for companion homes. There are 4 puppies not yet spoken for. One smooth sable boy, and one white-factored rough sable boy. There are two smooth tri males. (recent pictures toward the bottom)

Puppy Group

Here are all the puppies together

Here they are by groups.

Here are the two tri males, both are smooth

Updated pictures 12/06/2017 at 4 weeks

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Two tri boys

Almost got all of them

Sable rough boy

Kinda got the tri's face

Sable smooth girl, they are getting sleepy

Sable smooths

There are 2 puppies not spoken for. One tri smooth boy.

One rough w/f sable male.

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E-mail me for details..........